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cornacopia       November , 2017


         Hey South Central Chapter!  Hope everyone is doing well and looking forward to our Christmas rally.  I know I am . . my first rally since June.  I’ve missed ya’ll.  Supposedly I have four more chemo sessions then should be cancer free and I have God and you to thank, for your thoughts and prayers.

        Christmas Tree Our upcoming Christmas rally in Tyler, Texas would be a good time, if you choose, to increase our donation to the training and upkeep of a new service dog for a veteran.  We currently have $4,092.00 toward our goal of $10,000.  This money supports the selection and training of a dog used to assist another veteran with disabilities.  This is a project in progress and here are a couple of ways to offer your support.  1.) Bring a nice item to the Christmas rally to raffle off to the membership;   or    2.) send $$ (a check) to our treasurer, Sharon Peeples.

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          November and December mark the end of another year and gives us the opportunity to look forward to 2018.  It seemed like a good time to kick off a “Push to Host” project intended to get more of our membership involved in hosting a chapter rally.  I’ll be sending you a flyer in the snail mail and posting it on our website. All of this intended to support you as you get engaged in hosting a rally in 2018.  We are already looking forward to the ACA National rally next August in Spearfish, South Dakota. If you are considering whether to go or not maybe telling you we are “discussing” a rolling rally caravan, will help you decide. moose The location for this rally promises to be full of great things to see and do.  If you are interested in participating let me know.




          We seem to be living in a crazy time with crimes against humanity.  Of course this creates more problems for our uniformed service men and women first responders.  Please keep them in yours prayers and thoughts. 
God bless them and God bless America, the greatest country in the world.  flag

    Allen Meek                  






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