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columbus       OCTOBER 7, 2017


          Salutations South Central Chapter.  

        It is with a heavy heart I write this newsletter.  What tragedy has struck our county.  I’m sure I join you in saying my prayers and thoughts are with Las Vegas first responders, family, friends, loved ones and heroic citizens.  The evil that they encountered inflected wounds to all of us.  These are trying times and this event makes us aware of the fragility of life and the need to live it to the fullest.  We need to rid hate from our society by doing what we can to love and respect each other. The Golden Rule says it all!


        With good news from our membership chairman, Robin Fagala, I’d like to introduce our two newest members and welcome them to our chapter.


       Robert and Debi Foster from Orange, TX.

       Tommy and Julie Lewis from Monroe, LA.


         Thanks to Gene & Jackie Anderson for their work and hosting of the fall rally in Vidalia, LA. and to Lamar & Kitty Nicholson and Dick & Claudette Holmes for stepping up to volunteer to host the Christmas Rally in Tyler, TX. 

 tree    Don’t forget to register for the Christmas rally; information you need is on this web site under the tab FUTURE RALLIES. If you plan on coming to the Christmas rally get in touch with our hosts to offer your help.  This December rally has two nice traditions I’d like to mention; one is the gift exchange and the other is you are welcomed to invite friends who drive a bus other than an American brand (S.O.B.).  We are hoping for a visit from a jolly fellow or two. 

       Don’t get your hopes up, it’s not Santa.  santa


        While you are on our webpage (expertly maintained by our webmaster, Myrna Fagala/Haden  please take the time to review the treasurers’ report by Sharon Peeples.  Her reports are thorough and informative. 

       I want to also mention and say “Thank You!” to Kitty Nicholson who has stepped up as Vice President in my absence.  Her wisdom and wit have helped the chapter immensely. 

       Linda Raffa (birthdays and anniversaries) updates her reports monthly and Susan Gesford (historian) does an excellent job reporting on the activities of each of our rallies. When viewing the "rally pictures" click on the link provided at the top of the page to see the Historian report.  Check it out!!

      We are lucky to have such a supportive, involved slate of officers and committee chairs on which we can rely. 


       My prayers are for you to have a safe catholiday, don’t eat too much candy, and enjoy the season.



Please join me in prayers for our soldiers, first responders and the heroic men and women amongst us. 

God Bless America!

Allen Meek







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