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President’s Newsletter   -   January


             Hey group, hope you are off to a healthy, prosperous and joyful start of the new year!!   2018 is going to be a great year and I am hopeful it will be the best year to date, filled with great travel adventures. 

             We need to tighten our ranks, volunteer more, communicate with each other and support our association and friendships.  I encourage you to work hard at reaching out and opening up to others, expand your cadre in our association. 

          Available to you through our chapter website is our roster of members, including pictures (when available), email addresses, phone numbers and addresses.  The link MEMBERS ONLY is password protected, the username and password being:  ourcoach  &   ourcoach.


          Offer to help plan and host a rally, step it up a notch.  Our chapter is one of the best at having fun, fellowship and caring for each of our members.  Look for opportunities to share kindness and joy. We are still waiting on rally master enquiries from you.  We need your help.  It seems from my vantage point that many of the same people are doing most of the work.  Let’s spread that around, share the work and get new blood into the action.  We have created a “cheat sheet” to assist you in planning a rally and we will assist you every step of the way, if needed.


     aca   It was pointed out at the last national board meeting that in 2019 our organization is moving to one national rally and more regional rallies.  They called on South Central to host one regional, suggesting Conroe as a possible sight . . seems they liked the location, remembering FMCA and the 6-State rallies in the past.  We were chosen because the records show we were the chapter that hasn’t hosted a regional rally in some time.  So we have time and need to start some dialog concerning the “calling”.  It will take a lot of involvement of our membership so get ready to participate! 


          We are doing some great things and it is my belief that the service dog project (VA Dogs of Texas) is one of our best decisions.  We are close to training our second dog.  Something to be proud of.  The feedback has been amazing and Onyx is truly a Wonder Dog!  Looking forward to our new dog and all it will accomplish in a veteran’s life. 



          I hope all know how much I appreciate our vice president, Kitty Nicholson.  She has done an excellent job taking over during my health issues.  She is a trooper.  We all owe her a major thank you for holding us together.  I personally am indebted for all she has done.  I also want to thank my wife and chapter secretary for doing her dead level best at keeping me on task and encouraging me.  Don’t forget to read the report from the secretary and our treasurer, Sharon Peeples, as well as our historian Susan Gesford, birthdays and anniversaries Linda Raffa and the Getting to Know You section under the care of Dick Holmes.  

          Another important recognition to Tony Ford, our National President for reaching out to members who have had issues with their coaches.  His leadership has impacted our organization in positive ways (long reaching and up close and personal).  As I get ready to wrap this newsletter up I want to thank Robin Fagala and Myrna Haden for their stewardship of our chapter.  He manages the membership details and she watches over our website.  Her dedication to it should not go unnoticed.

          In closing, my wish for everyone is that you enjoy the fruits of our land, it’s people and places and that 2018 will be a healthy, wealthy year for you.  God bless those that serve our nation and have dedicated their lives to our protection and safety. 


          We live in a great country, God Bless the U. S. A!




Allen Meek


Allen or Vicki Meek       281/782-1125    or    281/455-5422             

Kitty Nicholson    903/733-6410     Allen Meek      Vicki Meek  


South Central Chapter of American Coach Association