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Hey group!  Hope everyone is having a good summer; our sixty-four day trip is about to begin on July 5th. 

We’re headed for cooler weather. 


Welcome to our newest South Central Chapter members from

Conroe, Texas:  William and Denise Donohue!


The Steering Committee for the 2019 National Rally at the KOA Lake Conroe RV Park has had a first meeting via conference call. 

The date for the NATIONAL RALLY acais set and the contract has been signed. (May 18-23, 2019)   Jack and Sylvia Jones have been busy already working on the food arrangements and possible caterers.  We have discussed a lot of activities and events and it is coming together already.  Of course input is needed and appreciated. 

fallWhile at our important Fall Rally in October (being held at the same KOA park in Montgomery, TX) we would love someone to step up and take on the challenge of getting the entertainment nailed down.  If you live in the Houston/Conroe area maybe you could help. Hopefully we can finalize all the existing committees at the rally. 


 calendar   As of this writing we do not have a confirmed date for the October rally but are working with the park to try to get it scheduled for the later part of the month.  Stay tuned for information as it develops. 





A second reason for the Fall Rally is the election of officers.  By-laws require our Nominating Committee to present to the membership a recommended slate of officers thirty days prior to the election. 


The committee is open to nominations from the membership.  If you want to volunteer for an office or recommend somebody you think would be a good candidate contact anyone of the three committee members whose contact info (phone & email) will be on our web site under the "Board/Committee Report" tab.

            Robin Fagala (chair), Jerry Askins, Arlion Gesford   


Have a great summer, enjoy safe travels and keep on thinking about what you can add to make the ”BIG” 2019 National Rally a success. 


As always, I hope you will keep our service men and women in your prayers.       Remember too our colleagues in South Central Chapter who are experiencing health issues. 

flag  God Bless America!

Allen Meek



Allen or Vicki Meek       281/782-1125    or    281/455-5422             

Kitty Nicholson    903/733-6410     Allen Meek      Vicki Meek  


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