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President’s Newsletter   -  May,  2018


             Lake Livingston rally was a huge success, thanks to Silvia and Richard Sills and Susan and Arlion Gesford.  Great time, good food, wonderful fellowship, and everyone returned to their homes safely.  All is well.  It was so good to see those that have had health issues and are on the mend.  God is good and we are truly blessed.




A reminder: Our Webmaster, Myrna Haden continues to update this website with information.  You’ll find an informative article by our Historian, Susan Gesford about our rally at Lake Livingston, complete with photos of the group and individuals.  You’ll also see that we are getting closer to our goal of $10,00VAdog0 for our next service dog in our Treasurer’s report (Sharon Peeples).






An update: the ACA national board meeting was held via telephone conference last Saturday.  The main topic being the 2019 national rally. I hope you know by now our chapter has been given the responsibility of “wagon master” for the rally.  After the meeting and board input I contacted the KOA RV park in Lake Conroe (Montgomery), Texas and the rally is scheduled for mid-May (May 18-23, 2019).


 calendar These dates were all that was available considering the potential for heat and humidity in the later months.  The work will begin in earnest in the late fall of this year and we’ll (Vicki and I) schedule the fall rally (October??) at the Lake Conroe location. 


            The fall rally will accomplish two important events, election of chapter officers and planning for the big rally in May, 2019.   We need everyone on board for this adventure, I’ve bragged about the volunteering spirit of South Central Chapter and know many of you will step up to help.  We won’t be alone in this endeavor; we’ll have the assistance from other chapters and our national board.  Stay tuned for more information as it becomes available. 



          The Spearfish Rally is just around the corner and I know our chapter will be well represented.  Traveling to this beautiful area is just another of our blessings we have as Americans.  Freedom. 


            flag Please remember to thank and/or pray for our service men and women, and the army of Americans dedicated to helping others, through volunteering, or work.        

Stay tuned, and your foot light on the peddle.road  

Allen Meek



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